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Elected/Appointed Officer Bearers

Chair of Presbytery 

Rev John Case -  term concludes Feb 2025

Secretary of Presbytery

Ms Allison Kahler -  term concludes Feb 2026

Member of Standing Committee

Rev Dylan Miegel -  term concludes Feb 2028
Mrs Kath Warner - term concludes Feb 2027

Chair of Pastoral Relations Committee (PRC)

Rev Yvonne McRostie - Presbytery Minister (Ordained)
and representative to Synod Ministerial Advisory Placements Committee

Member of Pastoral Relations Committee

Ps Jenny Noble -  (Lay) term concludes Feb 2026
Rev Dona Spencer (Ordained) - term concludes Feb 2027
Mr David Prestridge (Lay) - term concludes 2026

Property Committee

Duties of the PC revert to the Standing Committee until next meeting
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