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Regulation 3.1.4

(a) Consultations on the life and witness of a Congregation shall be conducted by the Presbytery with the Congregation including any Ministers, Youth Workers, Pastors or Lay Pastors serving in placements in the Congregation and any Community Ministers serving in the Congregation.

(b)  The purpose of the consultation shall be to strengthen the life and witness of the Congregation, to assess future ministerial and lay leadership needs,and to review the records of the Congregation.

(c)  A consultation shall normally take place every five years at the discretion ofthe Presbytery regardless ofthe duration ofany current placement.

(d)  The Presbytery may conduct a consultation at any time on its own initiative, or at the request of the Church Council or of a Minister serving in a placement in the Congregation.

(e)  The persons appointed by the Presbytery to undertake the consultation shall:

(i)  consult with such bodies and persons within the Congregation as it determines;

(ii)  report to the Presbytery and the Congregation; and

(iii)  make such recommendations regarding the life and witness of the Congregation (including matters relating to placements and property) as they think fit.

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